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TVEn are entitled to use many programs (software) is copyright (license) calculations specialized in the field of construction consultancy:

Structural Analysis Program SAP2000 - Version 14: for confirmation of its CSI - United States, TVEn became one of the design consultants in Vietnam have the right to use SAP2000 Plus - Module with Bridge Design professionally. With the approval, the TVEn have the tools to do it:

  • Analysis of structural problems by finite element method in both the forms: linear (small deformation), non-linear (large deformation) for other types of structures: industrial project, bridges – port project...
  • Design or check the structural problem of the browser according to standards: BS, AASHTO LRFD, ACI...
  • Calculate bridge with dynamic load, semi load...
  • SAP2000's ability to perform can be found at here:

CAD / CAM system: TVEn had completed investment of plan to upgrade drawing program is copyright to the company, including:

AutoCAD 2011 full of AutoDesk: presentation drawings using 2D, 3D design under DWG file format. With the latest version of copyright, TVEn have legaltools and powerful to express the design ideas for our customers. Ability to implementthe AutoCAD 2011 can be found at here

ZWCAD Professional 2022, 2018, 2015+, 2012, 2010: Use drawing techniques presented in the form of standard AutoDesk's DWG file. The technical drawings of TVEn be made and presented by means of drawing is licences. ZWCAD Pro 2022 ability to perform can be found at here

With this program we can do:

  • Perform the traditional form of 2D drawings
  • Implementation of 3D drawings used in architectural design

ADS Civil 2023 program system: using survey,  road design, Sewer design, Level. Intersection, RoadMarking, VPV of the global BAEZENI Group.

The program calculates pile foudation PILEPRO: With certificate of copyright registration No 2052/2010/QTG dated 08 July 2010 of the Copyright Office of Vietnam, PilePro used to analyze, checking for scope based on pile beam on elastic foundation of 3D layers


  • Applicable standards of the program: AASHTO LRFD, TCXD 205-1998, 22TCN 272-05, 22TCN 18-1979.
  • Results of the program for six components of displacement of pilecap, the internal forces along pile length, pile load capacity, stability of the soil around the pile, settlement for pile group, estimated the pile permanent set when driven, the Bentonit membrane stability of drilled piles, the influence when driven piles to adjacent constructions…
  • This program is a subject scientific institute level was granted acceptance and evaluation of professional excellence in 2006 & has been transferred the right to use the city Department of Transportation Ho Chi Minh city, The Management of Urban Transport II, Design Consultant Southern Transport (TediSouth) JSC, Southern Institute of Transport Science and Technology, Hung Nghiep Consulting Co., Ltd., Construction Traffic Dong Thap JSC, Construction Consultant Dong Tien JSC, BR Co. Ltd., Ky Nghe Construction Design Co. Ltd. and other individuals.

The program calculates for soil treatment ROADPRO: Certificate of copyright registration No. 2049/2010/QTG dated 08 July 2010 of the Copyright Office of Vietnam for RoadPro computer program to the analysis, soil checking under the effect of load under three limit state with 2D model of the multiple layers:

  • Stress analysis of the effect of load on the ground with any distribution form
  • Strength limit stage: external evaluation of the resistance to vertical load, it will also consider the formation of plastic deformation in the soil and be fully present in a graphical form.
  • Service limit stage: stability analysis by the method of sliding arcs Felenius and Bishop with the legal characteristics formed in two flat sliding surface sliding along the curve to ensure conditions of open-angle prism can slide. Help assess the problem closely and safe construction of river and sea…
  • Service limit stage: deformation analysis of subsidence of the embankment in stages, allowing the analysis of consolidation over time as the multi-layer model by finite difference method. This method can solve general and more suitable geological conditions of actual construction of the Mekong Delta has many layers of sand mixed into the thick clay layers are located in the compression efficiency that subsidence is now standard equipment unresolved issue.
  • The problems have to consider measures to reinforce the process: the buffer-soil and sand columns reinforced soil-cement, sand pit absorbent sponge, sand piles, geotextile, anchor reinforced concrete pile.
  • Applied standard: AASHTO LRFD, 22TCN 272-05, 22TCN 262-2000, 207-1992 22TCN, 22TCN 219-1994 and references to many technical documents.
  • This program is a subject scientific institute level was granted acceptance and excellent reviews in 2008 & has been transferred the right to use the Design Center Consultant - Department of Transport of Dong Nai province and many individuals other.

The program calculates to design for prestressed reinforced concrete structures PRECONC by analytical methods: special use to analyze, design pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures:

  • Applied  standard: AASHTO LRFD, 22TCN 272-05, ACI 318M and references to many technical documents.
  • Analysis structurure and checking at each stage of structural formation.
  • Dedicated to the design of structural beams, columns, poles (spun piles), panel.... The program has been applied to many structural design typical of the construction industry from 2000 to present.

Program design calculations SHEETPILE: dedicated to analysis and design of structures by graphical methods very common in the river ports - sea:


  • Applied standard: 22TCN 207-1992, 219-1994 22TCN, AASHTO LRFD, 22TCN 272-05, ACI 318M and references many technical documents.
  • There are some special consideration when calculating sheet pile: a anchors, double - wall, the water level difference between the inside and outside the sheet pile.
  • The calculated result is the value of horizontal displacement at top sheetpile, internal force values along the pile, anchoring force value, the pressure active / passive of soil…
  • Interaction analysis model pile - soil: based on p-y relationships, the method had used: finite element method (FEM)

The program calculates pavement design software SOFTLAYER: used to calculate the pavement design specialized constructions:

  • Applied standard: 22TCN 211-06
  • Results calculated using three operation In soft pavement: determining the value of the general elastic modulus of the structure, checking of the sliding poor adhesive material layer and checking of the adhesive material layer.

The program calculates the design of cement concrete slabs RIGIDPAV: used to analyze and design structural concrete slabs on the elastic space under the effect of load, temperature...

  • Applied standard: 22TCN 223-1995
  • Calculated results: stress in the plate by two local axis, the extreme values of some loads such as distributed load on the plate, concentrated load of trucks or special vehicles, for loading differences temperature difference in the plate…

Computer program cost estimated for project G8: use analysis and valuation of construction. With this tool, TVEn fully functional implementation and verification of construction cost estimates quickly and accurately.

Operating system and Office licenses: Microsoft Window Vista, Microsoft Window 7, Microsoft Office 2010

The support module design: reinforced concrete structure calculations bending T section under ACI 318M, calculated structure anchored to concrete structures by ACI 318M, for structural reinforced concrete under compression - bending the pipe section ACI 22TCN 318M and 18-79, calculated shear T section - by AASHTO LRFD, ACI 318M, steel ribs calculated according to AASHTO LRFD & AISC, welded link calculations, bulon approved by the AISC …