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Researching science & apply it in practice to be successful

With the powerful support of foundation analysing computer program PilePro.NET with 3D model, TVEn has the great abilities for analysis in details of foundations with driven piles, pressing piles, bored piles used in industrial, bridges & ports construction projects. In the program, soil – pile interaction is modeled using the soil springs which have stiffness changed due to soil properties and the depth of soil layers. Thus, we are able to calculate and control the pile force effects along the pile and help our customers in finding foundation solutions that is cost saving and efficient.

Moreover, the detailed analysis results of piles foundation help in assessing and solving the pile related problems in practical construction:

Reinforced Concrete (RC) and Prestressed concrete (PC) structures

We are one of the few companies specializing in structural design of reinforced concrete according to TCVN 7888: 2014, 22TCN 272-05 (AASHTO LRFD 1998), TCVN 11823: 2017 (AASHTO LRFD 2012). PC products designed by TVEn have been manufactured by professional units ((Beton Joint Stock Company 6 - formerly known as 620 Chau Thoi Concrete Joint Stock Company, Binh Minh Concrete Joint Stock Company - previously 620 Binh Minh Concrete Joint Stock Company, Dung Quat Concrete Joint Stock Company, The Gioi Nha Construction Material Joint Stock Company, Dong Thap Transport Construction Joint Stock Company...) used as a typical structure for many projects.