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Researching science & apply it in practice to be successful

With the powerful support of foundation analysing computer program PilePro.NET with 3D model, TVEn has the great abilities for analysis in details of foundations with driven piles, pressing piles, bored piles used in industrial, bridges & ports construction projects. In the program, soil – pile interaction is modeled using the soil springs which have stiffness changed due to soil properties and the depth of soil layers. Thus, we are able to calculate and control the pile force effects along the pile and help our customers in finding foundation solutions that is cost saving and efficient.

Moreover, the detailed analysis results of piles foundation help in assessing and solving the pile related problems in practical construction:


  • Pile quality related problems (ultrasonic velocity decreased, the thickness of dust deposits exceed the allowance ...): making decision whether to use or not to use the pile having problems by the analysis of soil properties and the behaviors of the piles under the disadvantaged load combinations.

  • Piles misplaced or broken: making decision whether to use additional piles or to use existing piles with additional capacity improving methods.

Soil treatment

With the special soil characteristics of the Mekong Delta, the top soil having small shear strength, large compression deformation, in most industrial projects and bridges project, soil treatment methods must be. In addition to the model analysing, we also frequently compare the analyzed results with the measured data to optimize the soil treatment method.

With the powerful support of RoadPro.NET computer program, we analyze various soil treatment solutions: geotextile, vertical drain, sand piles, sand wells, soil-cement column ... to advise our customers the most effective soil treatment solution and meet the requirements and specific conditions of the project.


Industrial projects

TVEn has participated in the design process of the industrial projects: spun PC piles foundation for the gas pipeline, gas supply stations, sewerage system, the industrial structure for many construction projects, duckbank, RC pavement under super heavy load (heavy truck load), soil treatment by soil-cement column solution, temporary buildings (operating building, building for workers, garage ...) ...

Bridges projects

Our civil engineers is the Project Managers and team leaders of all the new bridges in the Highway No 1 project – Trung Luong - My Thuan segment (Binh Phu, Ba Ton, My Thien, Ong Ve, Ong Hung, Rach Chanh, Rach Giong, My Thien II, Ba Phu), some bridges in Can Tho - Nam Can segment project (Tac Van, Lo Bang, Tra Kha, Khuc Treo), some bridges in Dong Thap (Ong Au, Cai Chai, Muong Trau), Cong Vong bridges (An Giang), Tan Nhut bridge (HCMC) ... The bridges have the superstructure using PC beams or steel truss or beam, the substruction using driven piles or drilled piles foudation.

Analysing, inspecting and evaluating problems in construction projects

The TVEn's civil engineers were Project Manager, team leaders of several projects of this kind:

  • Analysis and evaluation of loss due to collision of ship & ship wharf at Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

  • Analysis and evaluate the causes of bridge collapse incident in the region of Binh Duong province.

  • Analysis and evaluate the causes of road sliding in the Can Tho city.

  • Analysis and evaluate the causes of approach road sliding of some bridges in National Highway No 1, Can Tho - Nam Can segment.

  • Analysis and control the heavy weight vehicle (70 Tf - carrying a transformer) passing some bridges in Dong Nai province.

  • Analysis and control the heavy weight vehicle (90 Tf – transporting Super T girders) passing An Thanh bridge - Long An province.

Scientific research

Originating from the Institute of Transport Science & Technology, most of TVEn staffs are very familiar with these science subjects, science projects, especially in the field of applied science. Therefore, scientific research work is a regular task and is also an important target for the company development.