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Researching science & apply it in practice to be successful

Came from the Institute of Science & Technology Transport, most of TVEn staff are very familiar with these subjects, science projects, especially in the field of applied science. Therefore, scientific research work is a regular task and is also important targets for the development of the company.

TVEn a scientific research report and participate in the following scientific conferences:


Subject NoDate & Place of SeminarNotes
1 Lead themes Institute grant "program to calculate perfect foundation" PILEPRO, protection and acceptance of the subject in 2006 by the Council of Science & Technology Institute of Transportation shall  
2 Institute for Lead topic "Making the computer program audit embankment under three limit state (strength - stability - strain) has considered a number of solutions to the" ROADPRO and protect all property in 2008 by the Council of Science & Technology Institute of Transportation hosted  
3 Join reports on the types of content applications PRC beams in scientific conferences by the JSC 620 Chau Thoi Concrete held at each location: Binh Chau, Ninh Chu & Dai Nam Quoc Tu  
4 Co-hosted seminars at The Urban Traffic Management 2 - Dist. Ho Chi Minh City September 05/2009 "Application of a new reinforced concrete beams prestressed & Applying information technology in design & the design foundation of soft soil roadbed" siminar
5 Join the report seminar on "Building bridges rural transport in Ca Mau," dated 04/12/2009 siminar2
6 Final report on "technical indicators pre-stressed reinforced concrete beam section T-inverter  & principles - calculation methods" at the seminar "Introduction to precast concrete products for construction of Road & Bridge" dated 29/07/2010 by The Urban Traffic Management Corporation No. 2 & 620 Chau Thoi Concrete JSC (today is Beton 6 JSC)  
7 Report in the seminar "Solution design and construction of reinforced concrete centrifugal culverts & PRC pile with small section" dated 04/11/2010 in Long Xuyen by Real Estate An Giang JSC held  
8 Report in the seminar "Application of the prestressed concrete products in construction" on 09/07/2011 by Beton 6 Corporation in Nha Trang - on "Reinforced Concrete Prestressed Pretension Structural Design Method"