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November 16, 2011, TVEn has completed negotiations and signed a contract to buy the rights and upgrading the ZwCAD Pro 2012 drawing program for the company. Thus, from this point onwards, all of drawing files we offer customers fully meet the requirements of intellectual property rights with the purpose is to provide the best quality products for our customers.

At the seminar, TVEn presented three thematic reports:

  • Method of designing the pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures
  • Design methods - assessment - load testing of pre-stressed reinforced concrete girder at JSC Beton 6
  • Introduction the software for calculates of pile foundation PilePro and the software for calculates of highway foundation RoadPro

The discussions during the workshop was held in a frank and honest

After the period of study and preparation, Dec 31, 2010 TVEn officially licensed programs using AutoDesk's AutoCAD 2011. With this license along with the already present  ZWCAD, TVEn fully qualified make drawings are fully licensed to serve their customers in a legal way that all data provided by TVEn.

After the time to understand and use test, TVEn officially registered and became a lawful use of the program ZWCAD 2010 Professional...

With these features and interfaces almost AutoCAD 2009, ZWCAD proved quite effective and almost compatible with AutoCAD that gender construction engineers often use at  Vietnam.

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