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Hundreds of works have been done for customers of TVEn

Stressing bed and formwork are essential in deciding the success of casting prestressed concrete products ...

AASHTO standards or customer requirements. In addition, staff at the same time we also perform verification testing on the financial structure was designed so as to understand better the nature of these types of components. Typical components of our design, including:

  • Girder more area I: kinds aperture 12.5m; 18.6m; 24.54m; 33m;
  • Girder Properties Manager T: types aperture 12.5m; 18.6m; 24.7m;
  • Girder Properties area T Reverse kinds 20m aperture; 25m; 33m;
  • System Properties area beams words i200, I280, i400 I500 I650 used in rural transport: other aperture from 18m to 4m ÷ load level of 300 kgf / m² ÷ H8;
  • Bored square area from more types of piles 120mm ÷ 350mm;
  • Bored centrifugal: the type of deposit centrifugal Ø = 300mm ÷ 800mm;
  • Pile: pile types as W;
  • Broken signature panel: light concrete floor panels or floor of the empty category;