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TVEn - together with your success

TVEn human and professional engineer resources are research scientists with years of experience in professional, enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about science. This is the force of scientific research and production in order to participate in the application of research findings into practical application life.

Simultaneously with the production, we advocate training young successor force to convey the experience to strengthen and develop the right objectives and principles of the company.

Persons with many years or more experience in our company as follows:

NoFull nameDiplomaYear of graduation
1 Tran Quang Thien

Master of Bridge engineering

ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, Civil

2 Nguyen Van Tin Geological, hydrology Engineer 1982
3 Nguyen Hong Hai Senior Civil Engineer 1992
4 Nguyen Hong An

Civil Engineer (Bridge, Highway)

ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, Civil

5 Vu Duy Nguyen Master of Engineering 2006
6 Trieu Van Dung Civil Engineer 2009
7 Chau Loc Nghiep Geological Engineer 2009
8 Phan Quang Bang Civil Engineer 2009
9 To Thi Mai Accounting Office 2014
10 Pham Ngoc Hao Master of Engineering Bridge 2014
11 Vo Tran Hoang Nhut Chemical Engineer 2014
12 Doan Thi Kieu Diem Civil Engineer (Highway engineering) 2018
12a Nguyen Thi Thuy Quyen Civil Engineer (Bridge and Tunnel engineering) 2018
14 Nguyen Le Vy Civil Engineer (Transportation engineering) 2018
15 Nguyen Huu Danh Civil Engineer (Transportation engineering) 2018
16 Duong Thanh Hung Civil Engineer 2020
17 Nguyen Hoang Phi Civil Engineer 2020
18 Tran Van Hong Phuc Civil Engineer (Transportation engineering) 2020